JAC Preschool

Bright Horizons Class nurtures and supports your preschooler’s development needs to succeed in life. At JAC we understand your child curiosity to learn and discover. Our Creative- customized program fills their day with challenging and engaging activities to build on their knowledge with new opportunities to grow and flourish. We prepare children for elementary school and beyond by building the foundation they need to thrive.

Language Development- Language and multi-cultural program. Your child will be exposed to foreign languages and cultures in Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi and more.  Your child learns to communicate their needs with caregivers and peers.  Preschoolers in our program will learn to build and grow their vocabulary in preparation for kindergarten. Your preschooler will start putting their alphabet skills to work as we learn to read together in group and in one-on-one time.

Social and Emotional Development- A safe and comforting place where you can meet and play with friends JAC Staff is focuses on love and trust.  Emotional, behavioral, and social skills are developed through our program to help your child grow into a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted citizen. We are guiding your child with anticipation of how to solve the problems in front of them.  

Cognitive Development- Lesson plan will cover daily learning topic and inspiring activities where your child will participate and learn. Our Toddler program offers age-appropriate learning centers discovering and exploring their abilities in music, art, early literacy, math, science pretend play and more.

Physical Development- Lesson plan will cover daily activities outdoor and indoor covering gross and fine motor skills.

Music Development- Lesson plan will cover daily music activities like, sing a long, rhyming poems and songs, classical music, dancing, playing music instruments, play to the rhythm of the music, cultural music.   

Enrichment Development- Gain new knowledge from questions & answers book, from encyclopedia books. Get familiar with worlds’ maps. Learn to answer questions.

Small Group – Your child will learn to explore new concepts and activities with positive guidance while learning to cooperate and work together with peers.

Teacher -Parent Conference- Keep parents informed on your child’s progress development in class.

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JAC Preschool East Cobb & Georgia Pre-K
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JAC East Cobb
1240 Johnson Ferry Rd.
Marietta GA 30068
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